Beer Gift Pack

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Looking for the perfect gift for the craft beer lover in your life? The team at Coldstream Brewery has curated the perfect gift pack, featuring five beers from our classic, core range. Each beer gift pack includes:

Coldstream IPA
This IPA is our love song to the New World American hops we adore. Coldstream Brewery IPA is a medium bodied beer with a firm bitterness that lingers after each sip.

Coldstream Pale Ale
With a soft, smooth malt base that allows the vibrant hops to shine, this creates a beer with a focus on balance and drinkability. Our pale ale finishes dry with a gentle bitterness.

Coldstream Pilsner
Utilising Saaz hops, our pilsner is brewed in the traditional style of the Czech Republic. This results in a clean, crisp lager that is light, hop-forward, and has a dry finish.

Coldstream Golden Ale
Our iconic golden ale is a little ray of sunshine in a bottle. This fruity, summer drink features hops carefully selected to boost the tropical fruit aromas and the restrained malt bill.

Coldstream Porter
Named for the London porters who loved this sustaining brew, our porter is a complex black ale with layers upon layers of flavour. With a dry finish, it is ideal for sipping by the fire.

Each gift pack also comes with a Coldstream Brewery beer glass and stubby holder, featuring the iconic Shivering Man. Our unique, beer can-shaped beer glass can hold 355ml of beer or cider.

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