Rosé Cider

We love bringing brand new tastes and sensations to our customers. That’s why we started playing around with the idea of a rosé cider. With so many things pink and bubbly seeming to grow in popularity in Australia, I’ve often asked, “Why not us too?”.

To make our Rosé Cider unique we wanted to play around with the idea of combining two mixing techniques to produce something special. We spent several years experimenting with the Coldstream Rosé Cider recipe, trying to find the perfect taste that Aussies would love. This is how we came up with the perfect recipe – a cider handcrafted from 100% crushed Victorian apples, cold fermented with a blend of Shiraz and Pinot grapes and skins. We humbly believe the fusing of fruit used for cider and wine together creates a fantastic end result that boasts the best of both worlds.

Fruit Flavoured Cider
Rose Cider
  • Aroma

    Our loyal customers report that Coldstream Rosé Cider is the perfect blend of quality apple cider delicately interlaced with the subtle, moreish taste of rosé wine. The fresh apple juice fermented with a blend of Shiraz and Pinot grapes produces a beautifully crisp cider with a gentle stream of bubbles and a dry finish. And everyone will love the gorgeous blush pink colour! 

  • Flavour

    The delightful, bubbly pink rosé cider is also vegan friendly and gluten free, using only 100% apples from local Victorian farmers and orchardists. Unlike other ciders that use powders and concentrates to get that apple taste, we only use locally grown apples to give our cider that signature, crisp taste.

    We support locally grown produce,including apples from our long-time partner and friend, a local orchardist. This allows us to help minimise food wastage and what ends up at the landfill.

  • Mouth Feel

    If you’re looking for that perfect, bubbly, refreshing drink for summer, or to accompany your antipasto platters, then we know that Coldstream Rosé Cider will be the perfect drink for you!

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