How it all started

We started out brewing in what is now The Brewery Bar.

A lots changed since 2007 – we’ve added three new beers to their line-up along with a cider and they’re now available nationwide.

Brewing no longer happens onsite but the beers are true to the original recipes; high quality hops, malt and yeast that were trialled, tested and tasted many a time out at the Pub.

There’s no better way to honour a former Brewery than to turn it into a pub so come pay your respects and have a brew or two.

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Pale Ale

Our expression of an Australian style pale ale is a light & floral one with a balanced bitterness throughout. Using Maris Otter & Joe White Munich malts to create a rich & slightly nutty base. We reckon it’s our best expression we have created yet!

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A light, hoppy European style lager. We keep things fairly traditional using Saaz hops straight from the Czech Republic with just a dash from the UK.

A cool ferment followed by long cool conditioning gives you our Pilsner – one thirst quenching lager.

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Our Gold Ale both Munich & Crystal malts for sweet bready flavour.We then add Galaxy & Citra hops to the whirpool, and finally dry hopped with Galaxy & Enigma to give a floral finish. This style of beer bridges the gap between lagers and ales.

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Chocolate and Golden Naked – always a good combination, particularly when they’re two of the six malts used in our Grand Porter.

Smooth and dark with caramel and burnt toffee flavours this Ale came from 18th Century London – there’s a good reason it’s alive and well today.

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