Apple Cider

What’s better than crisp apples in a glass?

Back in 2004 we’d seen the cider craze start-up in the UK, and we both had a feeling cider would take off in Australia. We saw the gap in the Australian market and took the chance to fill it with our unique family recipe. This was the catalyst for our Coldstream Brewery and what made us what we are today!

Fruit Flavoured Cider
Apple Cider
  • Aroma

    With Coldstream Cider, there are no nasty additives, powders, or sugars, just fruit – so it’s little wonder our ciders are one of our most popular drinks. We support locally grown produce by buying the apples that, in the past, wouldn’t have made the supermarket cut. This isn’t just great for us, but it’s been great for the local Victorian fruit growers as our cider has grown in popularity! Not only have we built a great relationship with our local orchardists, we’re also helping minimise food waste and landfill.

    I find Coldstream cider is like drinking crisp, Victorian apples – and that’s because you are! Our ciders are made from 100% Victorian apples. Unlike other ciders that use powders and concentrates to get that apple taste, we only use locally grown apples to give our cider that signature, crisp taste.

  • Flavour

    Our Coldstream Cider is medium-dry with a pale, straw colour. Apples are crushed and then cold fermented with a champagne yeast. I believe this is paramount to give our cider its clean, crisp taste. We taste test all our cider for quality and to check no batch is too sweet. Coldstream Brewery Apple cider is naturally gluten-free and vegan. Because we use locally grown fruit, all our ciders can have a slight seasonal variation in taste.

  • Mouth Feel

    This is part of our authentic Coldstream cider experience and why our vegan and gluten-free ciders remain the best drink on the market. So be sure to visit us and experience why Coldstream Apple ciders are an Aussie favourite!

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