Taking the plunge with The Shivering Man!

There’s a long history of tall tales being told in our pub. But we promise this one’s true…

We sacrificed our bodies to the snow gods, so they’ll see fit to dump snow like there’s no tomorrow on our friends at Falls Creek.

Along with more than 100 other brave souls we did the chicken dance lakeside to warm up before leaping forth as one to plunge like the Shivering Man into Australia’s highest body of water and our new foe – Rocky Valley Lake.

Yes it was 1 degree. And yes it was the first day of winter. But heads went under and we swam.

The only thing getting us through was the thought of a sizeable glass of hot, spiced Coldstream Apple Cider post-plunge.

Guessing by the queues fronting the Coldstream tent post dip we weren’t the only ones.

We’ll be back up across the winter to warm up many a skier and boarder with our spiced cider – stay tuned for dates!

To make your own check out our recipe below.


The CB Crew

Make your own hot spiced cider!