Coldstream Brewery was started by a group of mates that wanted to raise the bar for Aussie indie beer and cider.

We’ve always taken things head on, with a little backing from our mates, it’s amazing what you can achieve with that attitude.

After 14 years we have updated our logo to better represent us and our willingness to go all in!

The kind attitude that says, mountain look a bit high? Just a molehill from this angle. Water seem a bit nippy? It’s just extra crisp!

We are changing our logo but some things we never change, we are still going to be doing what we love, making great indie beer and cider and welcoming you all to our venue.

Importantly, our recipes aren’t changing, you will still be able to get your favourites from us and they will taste exactly the same!

We are excited about this fresh new look, but we will be taking our time to update our range so we don’t waste anything unnecessarily. We are a small business and going slow and steady introducing our new look will make sure we do it sustainably and in a cost-effective way. The first few beer cans and apple cider bottles are in stock now along with some fresh merch!

🍻 So go on, go all in with us! 🍻